Tradition Pary Hall Inc. - 148 E. Little York Rd.   Phone 713.692.8759 or 832.473.4500

At Tradition, we have our own in-house catering and bakery. With over 40 years of catering and baking experience we stride to make your event go off flawlessly. We have a variety of all inclusive menus that we offer whether your event is held in-house at our location or if it is held at another hall we offer some of the most competitive prices in town. Menus range from our “Fajita Plate” to our very popular “Chicken Alfredo Plate”. Stop by and take a look at our menus or bring in your own and we will be more than happy to give you a quote.
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Tradition Cakes is another service offered, again with over 40 years of experience we offer a wide variety of cakes that can feed from 50 – 1000 people. We have well over 30 different designs to choose from or bring in your own picture or if you have an idea for a cake, we wil be more than happy to give you a quote. We take pride in our own recipe cake and specialize from tres leches to chocolate marble. We can give you just about any flavor of cake, icing or filling. We also have many specialty quinceanera “theme” cakes such as our popular “Cinderella Carriage Cake”, “Slipper Cake”, “Merry go Round” and the ever so popular “Umbrella Carousel Cake”.
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